We are delighted to have Paul Shinn leading our music ministry.  

Born in Mainz (Germany), raised in Kansas City and based in New York City, Paul plays and composes with a unique blend of forward-thinking style which incorporates the more traditional sounds of blues, swing, stride and bebop. He has spent considerable time performing in Kansas City, Denver and New York City with musical influences that include Bud Powell, Art Tatum, Bram Wijnands, Benny Green and J.S. Bach. Paul has recorded three trio albums with Ryan J. Lee on drums and Dominique Sanders on bass as well as an unreleased quintet project adding Gabriel Mervine on trumpet and Logan Richardson on alto sax. Paul's single goal as a musician is to connect with an audience in order to create positive energy and transmit expressions of joy celebrating life that cannot be communicated in any other way except through music.